University Selection


University Selection

Masterminding explanation and twinning projects among Indian and abroad colleges and universities

Help understudies for Summer STUDY ABROAD Programs

Compose introductions, workshops and fairs for abroad Universities

Determination of the academic foundations needs an exceptionally careful study. It includes directly from the educational program structure, personnel foundation, cost of the program, scholastic research in the domain area besides the campus life and the reputation of the Institution. We will address these zones with a great deal of personal communication and past experience.

As associated exercises, indur overseas has been expertly occupied with structure organization among abroad and Indian institutions at different levels to encourage globalization of education. This is through our select plan with international agencies, consulates and International chambers of Commerce.

Indur overseas arranges abroad Representatives to direct introductions in the local Colleges and acclimate with their Universities and the idea of the educational program and the personal satisfaction on their campus. This because of its association with the chief Universities over the globe.