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Study In New Zealand?

It is quite apparent that for the students who opt to study abroad find it almost cumbersome to select a particular country for their overseas study. All the more tough is to select a particular university that could offer the study program which you desire!!!

The vital factor for most students who wanted to apply for abroad study programs is the affordability factor, which indeed becomes a major deciding factor and in this coax, New Zealand comes as a blessing in disguise and a great destination for the students applying for the chosen subjects.

Study in New Zealand takes the students to a different dimension

New Zealand has been one of the fastest countries in south Asia and the technological segment is quite diverse and also witnessed a rapid advancement, which brings new scope for more employment opportunities in the country. Above all “New Zealand has become the breeding ground for more and more innovation that takes place persistently, which eventually puts itself in the world map”.

Students studying in New Zealand have always enjoyed the privilege of excellent study opportunities and also to experience a world-class education. The international students also get a wide choice to opt for specific selection of subjects through the university curriculum which are briefed below:

  • Undergraduate Study in New Zealand
  • Post Graduate Study in New Zealand
  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctorate

Beneficial Factor

The beneficial factor for most of the students to choose New Zealand is that it brings them an experience to an expose with a best education with affordable fees, low cost of living and above all the students get to live with exclusive facility in the country.

Preparation for university admission in New Zealand

The Statement of Purpose (SOP)

The statement of Purpose or the SOP becomes an introduction of a student to apply for a particular college and before the admission officers who preside to have an overlook over the student profile. The SOP becomes a testimony and the reason as to why college need to accept your candidature. The SOP becomes mandatory for the admission and selection as it reflects the student’s personality.

Letter of Recommendation

In the event that a prospective student has a work experience and would like to showcase the same, he would need to produce letters of recommendation from the employer or the manager which showcases the professional abilities.

Education Cost

Tuition Fees:
New Zealand provides high quality courses with high standard of living at lower cost than Australia, UK, and USA. The costs below will give you an idea of how much spending money you will need in New Zealand as it can vary from city to city. Tuition fees vary from programme to programme.

Under Graduate Programmes

Tuition Fees (per year)

Arts / Humanities / Social Science / Commerce / Administration Management

20,000 - 24,000 NZ$

Computing / Mathematical Science

20,000 - 24,000 NZ$

Engineering & Technology

24,000 - 28,000 NZ$

Post Graduate Programmes

Tuition fees (per year)

Arts / Humanities / Social Science

24,000 - 28,000 NZ$

MBA & other Management programs

35,000 - 45,000 NZ$ Onwards


28,000 - 35,000 NZ$

Note: *The above figures are approximates only. Costs may differ.

Living Expenses:
Students can choose from Halls of Residence, Students Hostels, Dormitories, Homestay private apartments and flats. NZ$ 15,000 - 18,000 Per annum. This includes food, clothing, transport, entertainment and accommodation. Visa authorities expect a provision of NZ$ 15,000 towards living expenses.

Most educational institutions in New Zealand will assist you in finding accommodation while studying in New Zealand. There are various types of accommodation which are available to international students. These are like Halls of residence / Students Hostel, Homestay, Apartments / Flats. All students on finalizing institution, should refer to its website for accommodation arrangements.

Health Insurance:
It is strongly recommended that all international students obtain medical insurance cover because most temporary students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand. A condition of your student visa is that you must have an adequate allowance and this should include coverage of medical costs. It is costing generally between NZ$ 500 - NZ$ 600.


Everyone who comes to study in New Zealand from overseas must meet certain rules and requirements. If you are coming to New Zealand to study for more than three months, you will need a student visa. To apply for a student visa, you must meet student policy requirements. You should assess yourself against this policy, before making an application.

If you are in New Zealand please apply 4 weeks before the course that you wish to study, begins. Your application must include certain information or it may be returned to you. If you are already in NZ on a student visa, and you wish to extend it, you may be able to do this online, as long as your educational institute is certified with Students online.

If you’re from overseas, you can apply for a visa to study full-time in New Zealand. You’ll need to pay the full cost of your courses and enroll with an approved education provider. While you’re here, you can enjoy New Zealand’s high-quality teaching standards and gain internationally recognized qualifications.

Basic Requirements:
You must be able to show that you are

  • Genuine Student
  • Going to follow a recognized full-time course
  • Be able to pay for your course and support yourself
  • Be able to intend to follow your chosen course and
  • Intend to leave the country at the end of the period authorized for your stay

Visa Process
Online submission

Step 1 - Gather your documents

Step 2 - Submit your Application online

Step 3 - Wait for a visa decision

Paper Submission

Step 1 - Gather your documents

Step 2 - Submit your Application

Step 3 - Wait for a visa decision

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