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Why Study in Czech Republic?

Choosing the correct nation and college is of most extreme significance in your examination abroad undertaking. Our talented advocates help you in streamlining your procedure of shortlisting the nation and college best fitting your vocation objectives just as spending inclinations.

Our portrayal of over 700+ colleges over the globe guarantees that with Indur, you have a ton to browse. We can likewise direct you in verifying confirmation in colleges offering grants and paid entry level position programs while concentrating abroad.

Degree In Czech Republic

Degrees in the Czech Republic has a number of options for students wanting to study. You can pursue a course in any discipline ranging from the popular business courses to computer science to even trades & education. There is something for every student.

  • Graduate Certificate
  • Graduate Diplomas
  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Masters Degrees
  • PHD
  • Entrance Tests (IELTS)

Cost of living

Student applicants who have been accepted and have an offer letter can apply for a student visa You will require your offer letter, you will need to pay the first semester fee, you will need to do your IELTS, you will need to show documents & proof of funds. Czech Republic Student Visa rules & criteria are very stringent and it is advisable to use a good agent to apply for the same. Working on your student visa

Students will not be allowed to work until their studies have started and can only work up to 20 hours per week while their studies are in session (excluding any work that is a registered part of their course of study or training). During scheduled course breaks, students can work as much as they want.

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